Travel Cable Hanger, 3/32"-1/8"

Part No. 20-284

The Travel Cable Hanger is designed to be able to support the weight of any size travel cable and secure it in the hoistway or on the elevator car to prevent rotation or other unwanted cable movement.

The Travel Cable Hanger includes a hanger bracket assembly which can be mounted to either the hoistway wall or the elevator car. (3) mounting holes are provided which are intended for 5/8" (16-mm) anchor bolts. The hanger bracket has a support bolt & fasteners attached to it; the steel core of the travel cable is looped around the sleeve on the bolt, between the flat washer and the bracket, and is secured via (2) wire rope clips.

The Travel Cable Hanger also includes a removable cable-mounting insert and (2) hose clamps to support the cable jacket and prevent the cable from twisting. The hanger bracket has slots to accept the flanges on the insert and keep the insert in a secure position.



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