Hoistway Cable, 6x14 AWG, 61x18 AWG, 2x20 AWG SH-PR, Unjacketed

Part No. HCC71

This Hoistway Cable is for use in elevator installations in accordance with Article 620 of the NFPA 70 "National Electric Code". Features include:

  • Flexible copper conductors
  • Flame-retardant PVC
  • VW-1/FT1 rated
  • Stratified synthetic binders

Technical details:

  • 600V/300V voltage rating
  • 60°C temperature
  • Color-coded and numbered
  • Polyvinyl chloride, 60°C flame-retardant
  • Bunch-stranded, bare copper, ASTM B 174-71 conductors


  • (UL) Hoistway Cable
  • CSA Hoistway Cable
  • NEC Compliant


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