Weight Cart, 50Lb, W/O Weights

Part No. 10-916

Weighing in at 250 lb. (113.4kg) total. This 50 lb. (22.7kg) weight cart comes equipped with 8" (203mm) diameter rubber tires with roller bearings. At just over half the footprint of the 500lb weight cart #10-900, using two 250lb weight carts instead can be much easier to handle and maneuver without taking up a lot of extra space. This cart will accept standard weights used in other Wurtec weight carts. Approximate dimensions are 10” (254mm) deep x 17” (432mm) wide x 41” (1041.4mm) high. Inside box dimensions are 7” (178mm) deep x 10” (254mm) wide x 15” (381mm) high. Weights not included.

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Weight, 50 Lb Test
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