Time Out Jumper Kit

Part No. 15-505KIT

Wurtec is proud to introduce our new patent pending time out jumper. It is just the tool you need to add an unprecedented level of safety to your company. Designed to “time out” after a user defined period of time, it prevents elevators from running with circuits mistakenly jumped out. You can even electronically assign these jumpers to the appropriate personnel. The small and versatile time out jumper will not only protect your technicians but also the riding public. KEY FEATURES: ** Flashing LCD screen to warn when time is running out. 5 minute warning. A reset of the timer is possible. **Programmable time duration **Max voltage is 250 V AC/DC, 8 amps **Thru mini USB port you can program SERIAL NUMBERS for identification and your NAME for personalization. Works with Windows XP and Vista.