Door Simulator

Part No. 15-400

The Wurtec Door Simulator is intended for use as an instructional aid for teaching safe hoistway access techniques. The Door Simulator replicates all the equipment typically encountered when gaining access to the hoistway through a locked hoistway door. The Door Simulator is easily portable on its built-in casters. It has a small footprint, allowing easy storage. Heavy duty steel frame construction that includes:

  • Door - Galvanized
  • Hanger - Drawer slide type, 250#
  • Sill - Aluminum
  • Gibbs - Nylon slide
  • Casters - 4 with brake

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 40"x24"x74" (1016mm x 610mm x 1880mm)
  • Weighs 166 lbs (75.3 kg)
  • Door panel with release key hole
  • Emergency release chain and keyed access box
  • Spirator type closer
  • Hall push button station
  • Hoistway access key switch

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