Flex Pak, Capstan Tool Kit

Part No. FP-32ABC

For the Capstan Hoist FlexPack Toolkit, you select tool contents and Wurtec packs kit complete according to your needs. You receive the right tools at the right time.

The FlexPack contains:

  • 1 Storage Chest (Part No. 32ABC)
  • 1 Capstan Hoist with Foot Control (Part No. C308-1170)
  • 1 Bracket (Part No. C417-601504)
  • 1 Rope Lock Safety Device (Part No. 15-308)
  • 1 Chain Puller Wheel Kit (Part No. C308-0873)
  • 1 Pair of Aluminum Blocks (Part No. C417-6016)


Suggested products

  • Total: 3
Bracket, Mounting Shear, Golo/Abc
Synthetic Rope, 3/4" x 600'
Bracket; 1K,(W/2 Chain Clamps)
  • Total: 3

Specification Sheets