Work Deck

Part No. 11-340

Unique, flexible, and versatile are just a few of the words used to describe the new work deck by Wurtec. This collapsible work deck has been designed to fold into a small envelope for shipping, handling and hoisting but when unfolded and supported between landing sill and back wall it makes a great work deck. Introduced initially to assist in gaining access to MRL equipment, the Workdeck has found uses in many other areas. Currently configured for hoistways between 69 and 96 inches deep it can be easily modified to fit nearly any hoistway size or configuration. The standard platform size is 45” wide x 60” long with the deck being constructed of non-slip aluminum planks. Openings in the platform floor can be created by cutting sections out of these floor planks and restacking them into the tracks provided. The tracks along with a clamping mechanism holds the planks securely in place. The work deck is accessed by climbing approximately 4’ up a ladder and is protected with a handrail system complete with kick plates. The entire work deck weighs only about 200 lbs, has a capacity of 600 lbs and can be easily modified to suit your special job conditions.

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