Adjustable Platform, International

Part No. 11-305-INT

The Wurtec adjustable platform was designed to provide a load-rated platform for use with the Wurtec False Car. The Patent Pending aluminum platform is adjustable for the same DBG and depth range as the False Car and changing configurations and size of the platform is quick and easy. Once the size is configured, a piece of plywood is used as the floor of the work platform, and is secured under cleats along the inside edge of the platform. The platform has a 4” (100mm) kick plate as standard around the perimeter and is also designed to accept Wurtec’s canopy and handrail systems. Custom sizes are also available. Adjustable to wide range of platform sizes for use with the Wurtec False Car Standard size ranges: 39.38” - 65” (1000mm - 1650mm) DBG range Payload rating of 800lbs (360kg) Total weight of platform with plywood is less than 200lbs (90kg)

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