Universal Beeper Box

Part No. 11-301-BPUNI

The Universal Beeper Box provides audio and visual signals for a moving False Car, counterweight, elevator car, or similar structure within a hoist way and driven on the guide rail traveling at least 5 ft/min. This safety precaution mechanism activates only when the hoist and platform move. Product requires rechargeable 9V NiMH battery.

Key Features:

  • Visual and audible signaling to indicate movement.
  • Volume control for audible signaling.
  • Operates independently of controller.
  • Can be mounted on car or counterweights.
  • Cable connection between motion detection unit and signaling unit for
    added flexibility in mounting.
  • Fault indication for disconnected cable.
  • Battery operated with built-in charger.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Battery test capability included with power switch.
  • Signals motion at speeds as low as 5 ft/min (1.5 m/min).
  • Charges battery at speeds as low as 30 ft/min (9 m/min).
  • Maximum operating speed of 150 ft/min (45.5 m/min).
  • 0-40ºC temperature range.
  • Patent pending.


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