NAV2 Canopy for Large Hoistways

Part No. 10-10019951

For use with the NAV2 False Car (Part No. 11-306-I05), Wurtec's Telescoping Break-Away Canopy is designed to prevent injury by "breaking away" if a worker is secured to a lifeline and the platform travels downward unexpectedly. 

  • Adjustable telescoping aluminum posts and roof members
  • Plywood covering (not included) provides overhead protection

This canopy is specially designed for use in large hoistways. For the complete NAV2 False Car package including the platform, handrail, canopy, and fall protection, see part number 11-306-K05.

For more details, see the Specifications and Instructions sheet and watch the demo video below.



Demo Video - Setting Up the False Car for Safe, Efficient Scaffoldless Rail Installation