Power Reel Roller

Part No. 11-601

The Power Reel Roller has been designed to greatly enhance and speed up the process of re-roping elevators. Allowing you to pull your old cable off at the same time that you pull your new cable in is a major advantage in both safety and time. Using the Power Reel Roller creates a safer working environment by not having cables lying on the floor. It is more efficient and it cuts the time in half that is normally required to re-rope an elevator. Powered by a Rigid 700 power drive (not included) it gives you complete control of the reels. It can also be ordered with an integrated motor for those customers not having access to a Rigid 700. A foot switch can also be added to enable a single operator to easily control the machine, while still keeping an eye on the hoistway. Two standard wood spools each 13.5" wide or one reel 27" wide can fit on the roller bed.

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