Gorilla Gripper

Part No. 44010

The Gorilla Gripper is an essential hand tool that's ideal for gripping…lifting…and carrying a wide variety of materials. It is perfect for transporting door panels, wall panels and plywood. Simply slip the Gorilla Gripper over the center top edge of panels from 3/8" to 1 1/8" thick. With one hand on the handle, your arm bent to an upright position, and the panel resting on the outside of your arm, bend your knees slightly to get under the handle, keeping your back straight and untorqued! Then straighten your legs, lifting the handle and the panel, as the two plates compress against it to grip with a force proportional to the weight of the material being lifted. The Gorilla Gripper significantly reduces stress and potential injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, hands and fingers. Don't be on the job site without it!

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