Lectrotruck Aluminum Stair Climber w/ Built-In Battery Charger, 1500 lb

Part No. 6512E

This model is a heavy-duty mover in a lighter weight aluminum alloy package that has a 1,500 lb. Lifting capacity with a fully automatic electromagnetci braking system and portable battery pack. The overall height is 68" with a 41" vertical lifting height. The toe plate 30" wide by 6" deep is standard. The 6512E has a user friendly, built in tripod that folds out with the touch of your foot. The built in extension handles provide additional leverage when needed along with the built in hook bar for better load breaking leverage to assist you when lifting loads on or off vehicles. The unit price includes: 1 LT battery, built in hook bar, 2 adjustable strap bars and owner's operating manual.

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