Jack Clamp, Heavy Duty,1 Clamp

Part No. 11-526

This clamp is used as a tightening tool when secured about the piston, cylinder or jack assembly. Its steel construction allows it to grip cylinders from 3” to 9” in diameter weighing up to 1800 pounds. Lifting capacity on this Jack Clamp is 1800 pounds. For lifting a cylinder, the following procedure must be followed. First, the cylinder being lifted and the clamp pads of the jack clamp must be clean and dry. The jack clamp should then be clamped onto the clean area of the cylinder, and the nuts on the threaded rod should be tightened to a torque of 90 Ft.-lbs. The cylinder can then be lifted by attaching to the clamping body of the jack clamp. Never lift from the handles, and always lift the assembly in a slow and uniform fashion attempting to maintain equilibrium at all times (i.e. Do not accelerate or stop quickly).

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