Hydraulic Piston Guide

Part No. 021809

This hands-free hydraulic piston guide used to assist in the removal and replacement of hydraulic pistons. No more "chasing" pistons up the elevator shaft. Simply attach the guide to the piston and adjust the connecting arms out to the rails. The centering guide will keep the piston in proper position for lowering into the jack casing. After the new casing and piston are installed, it will guide the piston up for easy re-attachment to the bolster channel. It eliminates hydraulic fluid leaks by relieving side pressure on jack seals or packing. It is lightweight, easy to attach, saves time and money on every job. Adjustable for 4" (101.6mm) to 10" (254mm) diameter pistons. Adjustable DBG from 60" (1524mm) to 90" (2286mm). Works on Standard, Jumbo and Omega rails.

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