Threader, Pipe, Model 300

Part No. 15682

The model 300 power drive complete consists of 300 power drive only with foot switch, [E] 1206 stand, [D] 311 carriage with lever, [C] 341 reamer, [B] no. 360 cutter, [A] 811A universal die head, a set of 1/2" -3/4" universal alloy dies, a set of 1"-2" universal alloy dies, a 318 oiler and 1 gallon nu-clear thread cutting oil. Technical Specifications: MOTOR: 1/2 HP universal reversible motor, single-phase, 25-60 Hz, 115 V 9 230V available) SWITCH:Heavy-duty FOR/OFF/REV integral safety foot switch CHUCK: RIDGID speed chuck with replacable rocker-action jaws SPINDLE SPEED: 38 RPM REAR CENTERING DEVICE: Cam-action turns with chuck SUPPORT BAR: Heavy-duty (2)

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