Groover, Roll, Portable, #915

Part No. 88232

The RIDGID model 914 is a specialty tool designed to groove pipe in-place. With up to 6" capacity, the model 914 can groove steel, copper, PVC, and stainless steel pipe. The 914 requires only 5" clearance around the pipe and 2" exposed pipe. Also, the lightweight (only 18 lbs.) aluminum construction allows for unmatched portability. To use, simply attach the 914 to the suspended workpiece and tighten the feedscrew two full turns. Reposition the ratchet to the 1/2" drive and rotate the groover around the pipe. The repeated process of tightening the feedscrew to advance the groove roll and rotating the groover around the pipe forms grooves that meet the specifications for mechanical couplings.

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