Groover, Combo Roll Groover 975 (Replaces #960) 632-25638

Part No. 91207

The RIDGID 975 Roll Groover is a ratchet driven, portable roll groover for field applications. With an attached carrying handle, the 975 Roll Groover is easier to move around the job site than any other roll groover of its kind. The 975 Roll Groover mounts on the RIDGID 300-Power Drive for convenient grooving of steel and copper pipe. Also, the 975 offers the versatility of using either a 1/2" drive ratchet or any wrench that fits the 15/16" hex on the feedscrew. It has the ability to groove 1 1/4"- 6" schedule 10 and 40 steel pipe with 17% less torque than the competition.

Shown With RIDGID 300 Power Drive. Not Included.

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Roll Set, 1" Sch.40 Pipe
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