Lifter, T-Rail 12,15,18 Lb (Rail Size T114/B, T127-1/B, T127-2/B, T140-1/B) Rated Capacity 500# (227kg)

Part No. 11-295

Wurtec's T-rail lifter is a great rail installation tool. It allows you to pick up an elevator rail using the fishplate bolted at the top of the rail as an anchor point. Once the rail is lifted and secured into position, the T-rail lifter slides back down the rail to the desired location where it can be easily removed from the rail by unlocking the keeper and pivoting the back plate. Our lifter is rated at 500 lb. (227kg) capacity, comes with a plated finish to protect it from the elements, and works on 12 (5.4), 15 (6.8), and 18 (8.2kg) lb.(kg)/ft.(.3m) rail sizes.

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