High Speed Capstan Hoist

Part No. 11-281

Wurtec’s fully self-contained High-Speed Capstan Hoist is what every high- and higher-rise job needs to hoist and install rails faster and more efficiently. Compared to standard capstan hoists, this unit is up to 5 times faster.

Wurtec recommends using this tool with a block and tackle (Snatch Block) picked from the new Wurtec 3 Beam System (PN 11-223 or 11-224) to approximately double installation efficiency using both ends of the synthetic hoisting rope -- running one end of rope down (for another rail) while the other end is coming up.

Included with every order of the High-Speed Capstan is a Wheel Kit (part no. 11-282) for easy transport.

Key Features:

  • 5 HP electric gear motor. 
  • 240V, single-phase, service current requirements: 35 AMPS.
  • Motor operates at speeds of 50 to 150 ft/min.
  • Detachable foot pedal control.
  • Shear plates for anchoring are slotted for adjustment (with movable options noted).
  • Sturdy top handle for hoisting and moving the unit.
  • (2) Wurtec fabricated rope locks for bi-directional lifting.
  • Integral brackets for holding entrance/opening safety barricade.
  • Wheel kit included. 
  • 1000-lb load capacity.



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