High Speed Capstan Hoist

Part No. 11-281

Wurtec’s fully self-contained High-Speed Capstan Hoist is what every high and higher rise job needs to hoist and install rails faster and more efficiently. Compared to standard capstan hoists, this unit is up to 5 times faster. Wurtec recommends using this tool with a block and tackle (Snatch Block) picked from the new Wurtec 3 Beam System (PN 11-223 or 11-224) to approximately double installation efficiency using both ends of the synthetic hoisting rope -- running one end of rope down (for another rail) while the other end is coming up. Weight: 391 lbs. (177 kg)

Key Features:

  • Self Contained
  • up to 5x faster than standard capstan hoists
  • Can be used with Wurtec 3 Beam System (PN 11-223 or 11-224)

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