Lifting Beam/Lean 2 Beam, 2500 Capacity

Part No. 11-221

Wurtec's Lean 2 Beam is designed to provide you with a quick and easy way to create a hoisting point in an elevator hoistway. It is designed to mount between the entrance sill and the back concrete or block wall of the hoistway. The Lean 2 Beam is capable of supporting up to 2500 lbs. (1,134kg).  The location of its lifting eye allows it to rotate into the vertical position when being hoisted so it can be easily installed, removed, and hoisted into position. The foot on the sill bracket comes with mounting holes allowing it to be secured to the sill. The bracket pivots to insure that a secure connection can be maintained at the sill. Several hoist points are located on the bottom steel lug of the beam insuring you always have a hoisting point that will satisfy your needs.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Light Weight, Less than 100lbs (45kg)
  • Multiple Hoisting Points
  • Supports up to 2500lbs. (1,134kg)

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