9/16"-5/8" (14-16mm) Wedge Socket-24" Rod

Part No. ZZWNS16-24

ZZIPCO USA, ZZWNS Series Wedge Sockets (shackles) are tested with the highest strength elevator rope (made in Germany) in today's market and exceeds ASME A 17.1 Elevator Safety Code. All standard wedge sockets are painted with a black body and color coded to match each wedge color for high safety standards.

ZZWNS Wedge Socket assembly includes: wedge socket, wedge, (2) rope retaining clips, cotter pin, washer, and (2) nuts.

ZZIPCO Wedge Socket advantage:

-Safer than handling molten Babbitt or chemicals

-Installation methods are easier to teach

-Proven in thousands of applications

-Save over 50% on cost and labor versus Babbitt and resin socketing

-Easy, consistent installation

-Simple adjustment procedure for shortening ropes

-Easy method of inspection to assure correct installation

-Exceeds all OEM specifications

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