Crosshead Mounted Top Of The Car Handrail

Part No. 18-460

The Crosshead-Mounted Top-of-Car Handrail builds on the design of the Top of Car Handrail by allowing for attachment to the Crosshead, which can help reduce noise in the car. This design still offers telescoping handrails and all material is galvanized to prevent corrosion. An aluminum version is available to allow for weight saving – often critical in modernizations. A collapsible version is available for low overheads that will allow the handrail to be collapsed to 22 7/8” while the car is running and extended for use when working on top of the car. 

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable (telescopic) design that will adapt to existing cab configurations & new installations
  • Adjustable rails to set at code required heights of 21” and 42” (18-460)
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Made from galvanized 16-gauge tubing
  • Assembly hardware provided
  • Designed to be mounted to the Crosshead
  • Kick plate provided for field adaptation
  • Aluminum and custom sizes available upon request
  • Designed to comply with latest code revisions: ASME A17.1a - 2002, and 2.10.2
  • Several models available, this part (18-460) is front opening
  • 3 Piece partial assembly option available, call or email us for details


  • Width: 59" - 96" (1.50m - 2.44m)
  • Depth: 60" - 75" (1.52m - 1.91m)
  • Configuration: Front Opening

*This item ships via Freight/LTL only



Maintenance Record

  • Total: 2
Crosshead Mtd Galvanized Steel Toch [59-96 Wide,60-75 Deep]
Handrail,Toc,Foo,Width 66"-96" Depth 46"-70"
  • Total: 2