S+S CA7 Contactors, 12A, AC

Part No. CA7-12-10-120

The CA7 Contactor from Sprecher + Schuh represents the most modern and flexible power contactor available today, meeting the highest industrial application requirements.

The CA7-12-10-120 Contactor is just 45mm wide, an extremely small footprint for such rugged performance. A number of design features account for this efficiency, including high contact pressure and "bounce-free" contacts, allowing the devices to handle the high starting currents typical of modern motors.

Other features include:

  • All contactors designed and tested with respect to Type 1 and Type 2 short circuit coordination
  • Mechanically linked contacts (AKA "positively guided contacts" or "force guided contacts"
  • Cross-stamped auxiliary contacts

For details, see the data sheets below.