Light Watcher, 110V (460000-110)

Part No. 460000

An important amount of energy is wasted by the cabin illumination. More than 40% of the overall power consumption of elevators is wasted by stand-by functions and 1/3 of this energy is for cabin lighting.

The LIGHT watcher will enable you to have the cabin illumination simply switched off when not required. The LIGHT watcher is installed directly onto the car roof or cabin fixture panel, where it can sense car movements by its three acceleration sensors. These sensors even recognize movements of the car door. The cabin light is switched on each time a movement in the car is sensed. The switching threshold of the sensing of movements is to be adjusted directly at the LIGHT watcher. After the lapse of an adjustable time, the light is switched off again if no further car or door movements are sensed.

To install LIGHT watcher, simply cut the lighting branch circuit to place the LIGHT watcher. Supplied with power by the lighting branch-circuit, it does not require any further wiring. In addition to the cabin illumination, LIGHT watcher can switch off another consumer. Moreover, it offers a third contact to switch on a consumer while in low power mode, like an emergency illumination. For special applications, if in addition to the acceleration sensors, other sensors are required to activate the cabin light; there are four potential free inputs available.