ELVI 2.0 Elevator Inspection System


The ELVI II Category 5  Elevator Inspection System enables you to load test traction
elevators without the use of weights. Hydraulic testing require separate hydraulic valve. 

Key Features:
Code Compliance: Satisfies Category 5 safety test requirements in A17.1 and EN81
  • Dramatically reduces the need for weight carts in testing
  • End-goal of eliminating test weight carts for most load test requirements
  • More accurate, precise and meaningful than current manual safety test methods and other alternative methods
  • Easier, faster, and less expensive than traditional approach
  • Technology proven over 20+ years - Measures and
    generates data supporting long-standing elevator safety requirements
  • Allows for comparison of data produced by one safety test to
    be mathematically compared to future tests of the same
    equipment, which has not previously been possible with the accuracy provided by ELVI 2 


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