Wurtec S3 Command Center



The Wurtec S3 Command Center is a telecommunications device capable of placing and connecting calls between emergency elevator telephones and services on a PSTN. The S3 Command Center along with Wurtec S3 Communicator Phones are designed to fulfill the communications safety requirements for elevators as described in the AMSE A17.1 elevator safety code.

The S3 Command Center is intended to be installed and operated in a temperature-controlled, low-humidity, low-ambient audible noise enviornment that is protected from dirt and airborne particles.

To order, contact us directly at sales@wurtec.com or 1.800.837.1066. 

Key Features

  • Complies with ASME A17.1-2016/CSA B44-16
  • S3 Communicator Compatible
  • LCD-based GUI (at-a-glance status display with virtual buttons
  • Add internal/external lines one at a time
  • Support for up to 8 simultaneous conversations per unit
  • Each internal channel (FXS) supports up to (8) S3 Communicators for up to 128 S3 Communicators per Command Center
  • Support for paging and conference calls
  • Command Centers can be daisy-chained for larger systems
  • USB support includes updates, programming, and data
  • Ethernet support for real-time monitoring of the system as well as updates, programming, and data
  • Rechargeable 4-hour battery backup with clock/calendar functions
  • Continuous line monitoring of both internal and external lines
  • 5 external relays available for alarms/strobes
  • 24V DC power
  • Speakerphone and handset are standard
  • Red powder-coat finish