Mobile Weight Watcher


The Weight Watcher mobile device is designed for load measurement and rope equalization in the field. Measures weight of car, CWT, and compenstion assemblies; performs equalization of suspension means (ropes and belts). Controls and solves the issue of unnecessary, unequal wear of ropes and sheaves.

  • Increase rope life
  • Control and minimize wear on sheaves
  • Save time
  • More convenient and accurate than other methods
  • Improve maintenance and reduce costs
  • Improve ride quality
  • Easy to take from job to job
  • Weigh cars and CWT’s without having to “hang” them
  • Sensors and control unit designed to be electronically “reset” (calibrated)
  • Reliability and accuracy/evidence assured through outside testing
  • User friendly application
  • Generate documentation compliant with A17.1 (2013)
  • Base unit/foundation for the ELVI 2.0 Electronic Testing System
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