Load Sensor RC "Donut"


The NEW RC-Series Donut Load Sensors by Henning are capable of measuring weight at each rope/belt,
eliminating the need to calibrate with weights. The Plug N' Play sensors permanently install directly at the hitch point,under the springs/bushing assembly and are ready for use after connection
with the evaluation unit AE12 and the elevator controller.

Key Features: 
Code Compliance: New A17 requirements on suspension means equalization
as well as elevator overload control
  1. Save space; competitively priced
  2. A permanent load weighing solution for elevators
  3. Absolute and accurate load measurement of each individual rope/belt
  4. Automatic calibration; installs without time consuming calibration; no test weights needed
  5. Monitor load balance dynamically and continuosly
  6. Diagonal pull compensation of up to 10 degrees. Wobble plates (cup washers), included, 
    eliminate potential error in measurement
  7. Monitoring of load balance accouding to EN18 and A17
  8. Durable, hardened steel construction with high quality strain guage and load cell technology assures 
    performance and ongoing accuracy. Determination is not likely. 
  9. Rope load equalization using Henning Rope Wizard in Henning Sensor Suite software

Additional Information

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