How high of a building can I use a False Car Set for rail installation?

The Wurtec False Car utilizes a Wire Rope Climber Hoist, this hoist will travel  whatever the length of cable being used.  The hoist utilizes two wire ropes, one for climbing and the other as a safety back up.  The Wurtec False Cars were used for the new WTC in NYC as well as the Burj  Dubai (Khalifa) and other major towers around the world. There is no limit to the travel height of the False-Car due to the design of the cable climbing motor used. 

What is a better method for rail installation, the Wurtec False Car or standard scaffolding?

Depending on the height of the building, in a construction project that is less than 5 – 7 floors, scaffolding may be the better option due to the lower travel height. However, anything above 5-7 floors requires a significant amount of time, labor, and materials to install scaffolding. A complete Wurtec False-Car on the other hand, generally installs and is completely rigged up in half a day, thereby greatly reducing the cost to prepare your site and field staff to begin installing rails and other hoistway equipment.

FAQs about the S3 Communicator – Note:

The S3 Communicator requires an analog telephone line. The digital line must be ran through an analog port and must have at least  24VDC on the telephone line to work properly.