Residential Elevators

The Wurtec Residential Elevator is designed to provide a luxurious yet affordable means of in-home transportation.

With a variety of cab finishes and colors available, the Wurtec Residential Elevator is customizable to your unique tastes. Since it includes many standard features that are costly extras on other elevator systems, it is the ideal choice for your luxury home elevator.

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LULA Elevators

The Wurtec LULA (Limited Use/Limited Application) Elevator is a practical, affordable solution for accessibility needs in multi-story buildings such as small businesses, churches, and doctor's offices.

Wurtec's LULA is designed by industry experts in accordance with ASME A17.1-2016, Section 5.2. The code dictates a maximum travel of 25 feet with some jurisdictions allowing variances for higher travel.

See your local dealer for assistance with state/local governments and/or permitting authorities.

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Wurtec Advance

The Wurtec Advance is a customizable modernization package for commercial elevators. Bringing together new technologies like the WUR-CON™ Elevator Controller with components from leading suppliers like Wittur and GAL, Wurtec Advance ensures you get the best parts available in the right combination for your unique needs.

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WUR-CON™ Elevator Controller

The WUR-CON™ Elevator Controller is equipped with all the features elevator technicians might need from a controller - giving users macro control of their elevator system now and for years to come.

With a touch-based graphic interface, the WUR-CON™ is intuitive even for the inexperienced technician, displaying all nodes and CANopen bus messages in a clear, readable text form. Edit inputs and outputs with just a few swipes and get the job done faster.

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Online Quoting

Wurtec’s new online quoting form is a quick and easy way to obtain budgetary pricing for our LULA systems. For first time users, please email our Technical Sales Engineer, Patrick Herron. An invite link will be sent back to you shortly after so that you may login to the RFQ website. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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